Friday, March 19, 2010

♥Something NOT for sale

Since there will be no updates(of new items) until next week, I will leave you with my personal Tudung Bawal collections. All of these(sort of) are available at my lovely ♥store, yeah of course!

100% made by hand. They are so charming, right?? =) So, if you wish to have Tudung Bawal like mine, give me a hit!
Right for now, I'm off for EducationUK Exhibition. Bye!

pre-order from Adibah! sweetttttt!

How To Buy

1.Email to of these details:

Code Number:
Contact Number:
Payment Via:
Mode of shipping: (
Either PostLaju or PostExpress)

2. Please wait for my email regarding on product conformation and account details
3. Please make a payment to my Maybank or CIMB account
4. Inform and email me a proof of transaction.

Terms and Conditions

1. First come first serve basis
2. Serious buyers only. No back-out customers
3. Order can be made ONLY through email
4. Reservation is only valid within 2 days. If no payments within that period, I will release your booking
5. Maybank or CIMB account number will be given after I receive your order
6. Payment via Maybank2u or cimbclicks should include Bawalovers email address;
6. All prices stated do not include postage cost
7. Actual color of the product may vary from pictures taken due to light and color resolution